This revolutionary construction system allows us to manufacture self supporting roof panels without the need for side walls

This revolutionary constructive system allows us to manufacture self-supporting covers without the need for sidewalls and for many years has been used by the armed forces of countries like America and the Middle East. One of the great advantages offered by this system is its speed, since you can build in days what normally takes weeks or perhaps months with a traditional construction system. Like our KR18 and KR24 roofing systems, the interlocking system is 100% hermetic-free of water leaks and best of all it is 100% portable and can be easily transported to the construction site. With our Arcotechos system we can manufacture quickly and economically: Commercial warehouses, warehouses for grains, salmon cellars, hangars for airplanes, auditoriums, domes, schools, assembly rooms-in urban or rural areas. It has also been used to roof airports, malls, shopping centers, sports centers, truck central, bus stop, metro stations. Likewise, self-service stores, roofing automotive agencies, manufacturing shelters and hospitals can be built in case of natural disasters.


• Roll former machine consists of 12 rolling stations with stainless steel wheels of high durability and its engine at 24 Hp Petrol Engine • A trailer with electric brakes and an extra tire as a spare • Panel bending machine • 1 set of tables with adjustable legs for the reception of metal panels • 1 Decoiler with Max. Capacity of 2,267 Kgs • 2 (Two) Electric Seamers

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