Our innovative and unique Steel Frame System

Our innovative and unique Steel Frame System is based on the manufacture of galvanized steel profiles, transforming galvanized steel into metal profiles for the formation of walls and the base structure of ceilings. Each of the profiles will have service holes through which the electrical wiring, the water pipe as well as the telephone and Internet cable installation will be placed. ADVANTAGES OF THE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM: Reduction of construction deadlines: Production time can be reduced by up to 60%. This is if we compare it with the traditional constructive system. Reducing downtime eliminates the simulation and setting times. Ability to produce in series: One of the great advantages of our construction system is the power to manufacture metal panels for various projects. With all the panels pre-assembled we can transport them to the work site and be able to assemble several projects simultaneously. Buildings Earthquake resistant: High resistance rigidity and ductility characterize structural steel. Seismic-resistant engineering will allow us to offer an integral solution in the seismic zones of the country. Easy installation of electrical wire and water pipe: Labor does not need specialized training. Neither is heavy machinery required for construction because of the lightness of its components. The installation of the electrical system and the water pipe will be very simple and easy to install.


Some of the applications of our constructive system: • Residential housing and popular housing / social interest • Buildings up to 5 levels in height • Apartments and housing complexes • Rural housing • Schools and Libraries in urban and rural areas • Hospitals and emergency rooms in urban and rural zones • Offices and buildings • Commercial buildings, cinemas, multipurpose centers, theaters, warehouses, service booths, military barracks and fire stations.

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